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My name is E M M A.
I am from SLOVAKIA.
I am currently a student.
I LOVE pixel art.
My biggest OBSESSION are computer games.

Other Interests:
jewelry | cats | drawing | baking | sweets | music | anime | tumblr




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AIternativeBunny Featured By Owner 1 day ago
It was all done according to the teplate from the pixel art town project, but I like doing small things, it's more interesting for me that way. :)
I am using Paint.NET :D and I found it years ago, it was free... so yeah :D I am doing everything on it and for the animations I have different program. I do the colors for my pixels by myself, and because of that, they can be quite bright and neon sometimes :D ... The colab pixel house thing sounds really great! I never did any colaborations :) and I will be really happy, if we do one together. :D
Thank you for all of your tips, you are really nice to me :) :tighthug: :heart: and sorry again for the late reply I am little bit sick know.
NoNoKoHime Featured By Owner 3 days ago
You are drawing way smaller then I do. You use 250x350px and I use 600x800px. This makes a huge difference. It is way harder to draw details when you only have 250x350px. Here is the size I use (this is probably a download link) template file (zip)  I also had loads of other stuff I could provide you with, like wall, floor and roof patterns. They are still in progress that is why I haven't uploaded any yet. Which program are you using my dear? SAI? PS? ClipStudio?
I have problems with my colouring as well. I never really chose a colour myself to be honest. I have tons of images I pic colours from to make sure they are in harmony. I often browse for buildings and download images to steaaaal the colours from them... *sob* I am just not good with colours myself and it is hard to learn... for me at least U~~~U
I wish I could motivate you! I know how it is to be demotivated, I stopped drawing for a year and I still regret that QnQ Can I do something to make you happy/motivate you? Maybe some kind of collab? Or maybe my recourse pack for floor/wall and roof could help you out a little? You should also try and google some architecture images, this helps my creativity aaaa lot =D
AIternativeBunny Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thank you for all the kinds words, I really aprecciate it :)
When I will do another one, I will try to do it somehow differently, and tone down a little bit my colours, so that way it can fit better the place, my colours are kind of screamy :D they are too much and my shading isn't that good. I need to work on that more. But right now I am kind of demotivated by everything, I hope it will go away soon :)... 
NoNoKoHime Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Your buildings are beautiful and I am confident that they would fit in quite perfectly! Maybe you can find a nice spot in one of the many different parts of pixeldam, like Downtown.
I myself have trouble being confident in my art as well but I always try to suppress that evil voice inside of me ;) I hope you can find confidence in your art <3
Have a nice day =D and do not worry about late replies I am usually much worse ;) 
AIternativeBunny Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thank you! :heart: That site looks really interesting, though I am not sure If my buildings are on that level :D. The building there are just too good compared to mine.
But thank you anyway! :) When I will be confident enought with some of mine new buildings, I will definitely add them there :D
And sorry for the late reply, I was busy :) :hug:
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